Gamble Safely

Whilst our operations are not governed by the UK Gambling Commission, we are unwavering in our dedication to fostering responsible participation in our services, maintaining a safe and enjoyable landscape for all our users and we adhere to the regulations as though we were regulated. This means we treat it as a professional business than our hobby and align our business practices to be within the guidelines as though we are regulated! This is important to us in our commitment to our players!

Our platform provides various entry avenues into our competitions, which include both paid and free postal entries. We aim to cultivate a dynamic, low-risk, and appealing environment for all our users. Our primary goal is to ensure the excitement of participation, while proactively working towards minimizing any potential financial implications for our competitors.

We are proud to offer competitively priced competitions, aiming for affordability and accessibility, ensuring inclusivity across our user base. Despite these measures, it is of utmost importance that each individual stays alert to the potential signals of problematic gambling behaviours.

Such signals that you could be dealing with a gambling issue might include:

  1. Perceiving gambling as a steady source of earnings rather than an occasional recreational activity.
  2. Using gambling as a strategy to recover from financial losses or to evade financial troubles.
  3. Exceeding your personal or financial limits in terms of money or time spent on gambling.
  4. Feeling compelled to sell personal items or borrow money to facilitate continued gambling.
  5. Experiencing a continuous struggle in exerting control over or completely stopping your gambling activities.

If any of these signs appear familiar to you, it’s crucial to understand that assistance is readily available. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly at or seek further resources via the BeGambleAware program at Our dedicated team stands ready to offer help and guidance, assisting you through any challenges you might be facing. Remember, it’s essential that involvement with our platform remains rooted in responsible participation.