Free Firestick 4K Max social share draw!


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Winners are

Ticket Number Gift Products Chosen Answer
0888 Winner can get in touch - and we'll send the Firestick out :) Yes


Simple, straightforward, and best of all, FREE! Simply share our pages on any of our social platforms, order a free ticket and you’ve secured your place in our prize draw! If fortune favors you, we’ll double-check your share for this draw – no naughty antics, please 🙂 Your shared post needs to fall within the competition’s timeline to be valid.


Our lucky winner is selected randomly and will receive a friendly email or phone call to arrange their prize. However, if it turns out you haven’t shared our page, We’ll select another winner, and the chance to win will pass on. So, share away and best of luck to you!

Date Username Ticket Number Chosen Answer
24 September 2023 6:14 pm tina sturman 1872 Yes
1 October 2023 11:35 am Marlene Wyper 1773 Yes
30 September 2023 1:46 am Shabana Tabassum 1757 Yes
25 September 2023 9:01 pm Peter Morgan 1725 Yes
2 October 2023 8:23 am Omoniyi Aihonsu 1699 Yes
2 October 2023 5:37 pm Lisa KILPATRICK 1667 Yes
25 September 2023 8:57 pm Laura Byrne 1608 Yes
25 September 2023 1:00 pm Kerry Brown 1594 Yes
25 September 2023 9:31 pm George cox 1574 Yes
27 September 2023 4:28 am Stephen McDowell 1416 Yes