About Us

Although we’re newcomers to the online competition scene, we bring with us years of know-how from the online retail industry, a passion for fairness, and an unshakeable dedication to our participants. Each entry in our competitions holds an equal chance of scooping a prize, thus creating a level playing field for all.

Our enticing array of prizes stretches from must-have electronics and key household appliances to sought-after cash rewards. We’re not just here to set up another competition platform; we aim to overhaul the game, offering unmatched transparency and excitement. Join us at AA Comps and step into a future where everyone gets a fair crack at the whip. Feel the thrill, savour the anticipation, and revel in the sweet joy of victory!

If you’re ready for fun and on the hunt for a competition site that’s as honest as the day is long, look no further than AA Comps – your top-notch destination for open and fair draws. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each competition we host is run with absolute integrity, giving all entrants an equal chance to win brilliant prizes. We start with electronics and cash prizes and then move onto other categories, chosen by our members.

Our team consists of Chris, Tom and Lorna. Chris brings his experience within the technology sector, Tom is our in-house memorabilia and authentication guru (Look forward to some absolute gems he’s picked to draw) and Lorna our fabulous e-commerce extraordinaire!

We’re steadfast in our belief in honesty and transparency. That’s why we’ve made the ticket entry, winners, and records accessible to everyone on our site, providing a clear view of how we run our draws. With our unwavering commitment to fairness, you can have peace of mind that you’re participating in competitions that are completely on the level.

Join the AA Comps community today and relax, knowing that every competition is a fair and square game. Sign up now for a chance to win smashing prizes and become part of our rapidly expanding community of competition enthusiasts.

Our company is:

AA COMPS LTD of Unit 436, Houldsworth Business & Arts Centre, Houldsworth Street, Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom, SK5 6DA

Company number 14883516